Mr. Woods has been writing screenplays, television shows and books since attending the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in the early 1990s. Prior to this he was CEO of USA Print, a print brokering company with printing facilities in the Philippines, and TFM Corporation, an aircraft production company located in Gardena, California.

Shortly after film school he created and founded Through this company he partnered with Microsoft Corporation in 1999 to develop leading edge interactive television technologies. indieTV filmed and created the first fully integrated hi-definition interactive television show -- 555-Expose. The show was written and produced by Mr. Woods and is still used as an example of the potential for interactive television.

As a result of proprietary technologies it developed in interactive television, spun off and founded iRequest filed worldwide patents for the business model of ordering (requesting) products and information while viewing content on various platforms (TV, mobile, computer devices) for delivery at a later time to a specified location (i.e. email or mobile devices).

His first fiction novel, Return to Treasure Island has received numerous awards and recognition including the prestigious Silver Medal for Book of the Year by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and Book of the Year for Young Adult fiction from the San Diego Writers Association. The book was forwarded by LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame and was praised by Clive Cussler and Jack Butler.

His next book, Jesse James’ Secret was a creative blend of the biographical, historical and fictional novel genres and was the basis for Jesse James’ Hidden Treasure.  A two-hour special shown on the History Channel and executive produced and written by Mr. Woods, the program was a top-rated show for the network. The book was nominated for an award by the San Diego Writers Association for Biography. 

His next project is the first in a series of action/adventure books based on The Seekers entitled Lost Tomb of Alexander. The series is based on John’s fascination and passion for Unexplained Archeology and will be a fully interactive and immersive experience combining books, games, websites and music, taking advantage of the latest technologies within each category. The Lost Tomb of Alexander, The Seekers Book I is available now.
The Crusaders has been a work in progress for John for 45 years: the story of his growing up with his friends in the 1960s in Southern California.  It is a heartfelt narrative of their adventures and bonding friendships during those unique and life-changing times. Referred to as the ‘American Graffiti’ of the ‘60s, it is both humorous and poignant.

John is now working on another series of books titled Southern Man, an action/adventure tale based on a man and his former slave after he returns home to the south and experiences the effects of reconstruction. It is due out in the fall of 2015.

John’s author website is

Additionally, Mr. Woods designed and built a tree house which was featured on Look What I Did. It is now a bed and breakfast on Widbey Island, Washington.


Praise for John’s previous work:

Return to Treasure Island is... a first class sequel to the original. John O’Melveny Woods has skillfully brought us back into the life of Jim Hawkins in the most successful way imaginable. 
LeVar Burton

 …creative and absorbing… 
Clive Cussler
In the spirit of the original, “Return to Treasure Island’ is a fun and fascinating read for those seeking an old school adventure novel of piracy and discovery. 
The Midwest Book Review


Upcoming Projects

John is working on several exciting projects:

Southern Man by John O’Melveny Woods
This book series is centered around life immediately after the Civil War during what came to be known as Reconstruction in the South. The story follows Frank McClellan as her returns home to find his father dead from suicide, his family plantation taken and his way of life changed, forever. His best friend since childhood, a former slave named Robert Devout, and he try and sort out their lives while being drawn into the personal troubles of their friends and neighbors.
Release Date: September 2016.

The Golden Key
The Seekers - Book Two by John O’Melveny Woods
Details of this new story are top secret. The Seekers are off on another adventure that is sure to entertain and enlighten.
Release Date: December 2016

Just Call Me Janie by Janie Shores
An interesting and compelling series of interviews with the first woman elected to a state Supreme Court in the entire United States. From humble beginnings in Loxley, Alabama,  picking potatoes during summer monnths, to becoming a lawyer and the first female professor in Law School, this book chronicles her life and times through one of the most tumultuous eras in memory.
Forwarded by Frye Gilliard and Howard Heflin, this book will inspire and entertain the reader, and demonstrates what anyone can do if they put their mind to it.
Release Date: April 2016

George Wallace - An Enigma by Mary Palmer
Mary Palmer was given unlimited access to George Wallace and those surrounding him for many years before he died. Since his death, she had been unable to interest a publisher in the book, for reasons that are not difficult to understand. He was a divisive person, especially on race. What Mary discovered was the other sides of George Wallace. Her instincts and fairness as a newspaper reporter served her well in being able to create a balance of this enigmatic man. With pictures and stories never before release, this promises to be a very popular book.
Release Date: April 2016

Custer’s Fall by David Humphries Miller
Custer’s last stand has become an iconic moment in history, with dozens of stories written about it, a huge national memorial, and ever growing verbal legends. However, David Humpries Miller, who as a young man befriended many local Indian tribes and learned to speak their languages, learned of a different story - from the only witnesses about to the event. This book chronicles the hour by hour battle, from dozens of witnesses, and puts the whole event in a never before seen light. Spellbinding. Chilling. Informative.
Release Date: August 2016

Additional Book Projects:

  • Dental Implants - Death Disguised as a Tooth - by Hal Huggins and John O’Melveny Woods
  • The Nixon/Iran Connection by William Callahan (ghost written by John O’Melveny Woods)
  • California Bound by Frank Coombs & John O’Melveny Woods
  • 10 Minute Win by John O’Melveny Woods

    An updated version of the original online gambling book on how to beat the Casinos!
  • Many other books for people and friends

Additional Projects:

    • Filming a television pilot for an underwater treasure hunt show
    • Filming a documentary on the founding of Fairhope, Alabama entitled Founders Day
    • Filming a documentary on the Dogwood Trail Maid