The Crusaders

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Return to Treasure Island

Three years after his triumphant return from Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins learns that Long John Silver has been captured and sentenced to hang. Jim’s fateful decisions to help Silver propels them into a search for the greatest treasure of all - The Pharaoah’s Gold.

Written in a cadence and style that is reminiscent of the original book by Robert Louis Stevenson, Return to Treasure Island hearkens back to the days when action, mystery and adventure rode hand in hand with storytelling, and promises to entertain readers of all ages.

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Lost Tomb of Alexander

A mysterious fragment of an ancient tablet surfaces and finds its way into the hands of archeologist Diandra Weiss, who recognizes it as the missing half to the Alexander tablet, which promises to lead to the Monarchs’ missing tomb.

The other half was presumed lost in WWII.

Happenstance and chance bring together a retired MI6 Cryptographer, a graduate student of ancient languages and Diandra’s ‘not so ex’ former Special Forces husband in their search, as The Seekers,  to find the missing piece and ultimately to try and discover the tomb itself.

Along the way they face death from a sinister group within the Vatican known only as The Guardians, obstacles that nearly doom their mission, and a strange benefactor that is as interested as they are in the tomb’s discovery.

Their search leads them to discover that our ancestors left messages for us around the world that must be uncovered and deciphered before it is too late...

The future of our very existence may hinge upon these discoveries.

Lost Tomb of Alexander is the first in a series of action/adventure novels by award winning author John O’Melveny Woods that are engaged in the search to uncover the true history of humankind and understand how ancient artifacts and structures, referred to as Unexplained Archeology, fit into this hidden history.

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Jesse James Secret

Two mysterious trunks discovered over 25 years ago by direct descendants of the outlaw Jesse James launched a quest by historical archeologist Ron Pastore to find the truth regarding the outlaw’s true motives and the facts surrounding his death. This first person narrative launches the reader into and follows the journey as Pastore relentlessly follows up every lead, hope and clue. As more is discovered, a historical conspiracy starts to unfold, where intrigue, secret societies and startling new evidence first suggests and then proves that the enigmatic outlaw Jesse Woodson James was much more than a common criminal. Indeed, his actions were based on a much larger goal… the creation of a new nation.

And his death?  Could it have been a ruse to take the heat off of the much larger goal he and the secret society he belonged to were afraid of being discovered? And what of the hundreds of millions of present day dollars worth of gold he stole? Tantalizing clues found in these trunks, coupled with years of research by Pastore, point to it still being buried, waiting to be discovered.

Jesse James Secret, an explosive and gripping page turner, reveals all of this and more for the first time to the world.

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